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Gofree Group: Who Are We?


I run the group called „GoFree – 3 steps to freedom”. We are young people interested in growing money and a sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal is personal and financial development. Financial freedom. Freedom to manage your time.   For myself and loved ones.

We conduct investments with a low entry threshold, for everyone. You can start at zero, you can invest a low rate, or invest very serious money.

My group gives you strong everyday support and tips, how to earn extra income. Or how to start earning some serious money.

What will you gain?

There are dozens of ways to earn and save. We like to create money. We multiply money. We feel joy when small amounts bring remarkable returns.
Lack of knowledge or capital is not a problem. You can start with small amounts and the earning strategies are automatic and relatively easy to learn. Besides, there is a Facebook support group and the learning is tailored to your advancement.

How do we earn?


A free app that gives you about 3-5% cashback on every purchase. It’s arround £ 400 savings. That are funds for a week of life or a holiday trip.
You do shopping, as usual, only show the application at the checkout or using special card.
That is completely FREE.

You have also opportunity to build Your own business and multiply this money. Details after consultation.

FOREX auto-trading by PROPETLY

An international market where currencies are traded. Biggest in the world. The main players are central banks, corporations, governments, institutional investors.

PROPERLY is a safer version of the open Forex market: the trader is not financially responsible for losses, which is guaranteed by PROPERLY specialists taking a commission. The return on investment is uo to 75% per year! They bring profits from 2014.
See more about PROPERLY >>here<<


According to the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender, so they are, for example, exempt from VAT. With a properly managed portfolio, it gives a lot of opportunities for capital growth (over 15 – 40% annually).
You will know details after consultation.

Join my program and gain financial independence!

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