Earn on forex up to 75% per year!
On a full automate, invariably for 6 years.

It’s easy! In a moment you will find how to make your money work for you day in and day!


If you have not had contact with the forex market so far – no problem 🙂
I will help you go all the way and implement it personally so that you can start enjoying your first profits!

Properly: how does it work?

The project was launched in 2014 and has been consistently profitable year after year thanks to the strategy supported by over 10 years of experience of the founders.

It is a safer version of the open Forex market: the trader is not financially responsible for losses! The profit is slightly lower than on Forex.

Choose from 5 strategies the one that best suits your requirements. Some are more aggressive, others are moderate.

Even with the smallest package, your investment funds are EUR 6,250!

Lack of knowledge is not a problem to start earning!
Automatic strategy and the team watching over it do it for you!

The project has been bringing us annual profits for 6 years, so it’s time for you to start earning now!

Start earning. You can see the historical results of Properly: here

How to start?

1. Register – click here  and fill the form to get access to your panel.

2. Select the package you want to start with and make the payment.

3. Complete all formalities: sign the contract.

4. Now very important: read the implementation materials!

5. Choose an interesting strategy. Done! You start earning.

At every stage of implementation, I personally help you and answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Each investment or placement of funds involves the possibility of losing all or part of your funds, so do not invest the money you need to live and never invest all of your funds in one place.
The project has been running continuously for over 6 years, 5 days a week, and payouts always arrive on time.
According to the knowledge I have gathered, I rate the risk in this project at 1/5.
Remember, however, that this is my private opinion and not investment advice.
In our group, we minimize the risk and focus on multi-year multiplication of funds under various solutions.

How long does the implementation take?

All formalities up to a few business days: deposit receipt, contract approval, and complete implementation.

Can I get earn for referrals?

Yes! After joining the project and running the strategy, you can sign an additional contract as a Properly partner and earn money from other people’s referrals.
The remuneration plan works on 5 lines:
– first-line: 6%
– second line: 4%
– third line: 2%
– fourth line: 2%
– fifth line: 5%

Salaries are paid from implementation fees, not from provided capital.

How can I make a deposit?

We make the payment via SEPA bank transfer in EUR.
If you don’t have an account in EUR, I’ll also help you create one.

How often can I reinvest?

Every 10% of generated profits, more gives you two options: the back of the earned funds to your bank account or the possibility of reinvestment. The decision is yours.

Training files coming soon here …

What is the Forex market?

Forex is a market where the money is traded. Biggest in the world. Decentralized, over-the-counter, also known as Interbank. The main players are central banks, corporations, governments, institutional investors who trade in the over-the-counter foreign exchange market. Currencies are USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, others, also PLN …

Deutsche Bank, UBS, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs are the global banks with the most financial commitments.

The difference between the exchange where the order is being executed by the broker and the decentralized Forex exchange is that the broker does not set the price (so-called dealing desk). It is determined by Forex: the world’s largest network of money and very high liquidity. This is called ECN model: a client’s order is associated with the best available buy/sell order issued by multiple liquidity providers (for example the above-mentioned global banks).

Thanks to this, there is no situation where the client’s loss becomes the broker’s profit or vice versa. You make money by changing the rate (both up and down because your portfolio must be at least partially diversified).

The Forex market has a daily turnover of several trillion USD. Such a large amount of money means that the largest players, who want to increase their turnover, place orders with a very narrow spread (3rd decimal place), which is extremely beneficial for clients. Another advantage over the classic stock exchange is full automation (transactions, i.e. matching offers lasts less than 1/20 second and without human intervention). The customer is always guaranteed the best possible price at a given time, there is no negotiation, no problem of re-quotes, etc.

What gives you extraordinary opportunities on Forex is the so-called financial leverage. With the capital of EUR 1,000 on the investment account, we have the ability to dispose of funds 30 times greater. In this case, it will be EUR 30,000.

However, remember about the risk: the higher the leverage, the greater the earning potential. Unfortunately – also losses. A novice investor may lose capital as a result of an improper portfolio management method, especially taking individual financial risks, for example by using too much of the available capital at one time. The very mechanism of earning money on Forex is presented in the article at bankier.pl (Polish) here