Up to 100% cashback for online purchases!
Shop for free and even earn!

An application thanks to which you will receive a cashback for online purchases in the form of an SG (SocialGood) token


It’s not ALL! Get $200 for registration 🙂

How does Social Good work?

You shop as always.

This time you enter the online store through the SocialGood app and thanks this You get cashback in the SG token. It’s calculated as a few % of your purchases.

Special offer NOW!
NOW is  50% cashback in ebay and 100% on Aliexpress and more stores

Bonus cashback is credited up to $ 10,000 on every transaction.
You can use as many times as you want until further notice!

How to start?

1. Download the application to your phone from Google Play or Apple App Store by entering the password „SocialGood”

2. Register using your your e-mail address

3. Enter the CRWURD code in place of the referral code
(it’s necessary to receive $ 200)

4. Unlock your Welcome Bonus with minimum $ 35 purchases at any store.
You have 30 days to do so from registration.
Enjoy your return as many times as you want 🙂
Just make a purchase in your online store by accessing it directly in the SocialGood App

How to make money on purchases?
4 simple methods!
1. Make purchases for a minimum of $ 35 to unlock the welcome bonus.

2. Give your welcome code from the app to your friends – you have $ 200 for each friend who will also unlock the bonus.

3. Buy something online with the return, then sell it locally and buy it again. Repeat as many times as you like.

4. When you receive tokens regularly, you can make purchases for them, receive new tokens and, for example, sell the purchased items.

My sample phrases are shown here.



Most frequency question:

Where does the return come from?

The return is paid in the form of an SG token, in short, it was created for free and is distributed by the Project Creators. Its market value is determined by users on a supply/demand basis, as it works on a free market. You may find that your refund after acceptance will be more or less depending on the current price.

There is also a return value guarantee (paid in USDT token) that works outside of promotional stores.

How much can I earn?

It all depends on you how many purchases you make 🙂

The more transactions and orders, the more tokens are collected, which means more profit. There are already cases of people who have collected several dozen or even several thousand pounds.

How long does it take to accept a transaction?

Tokens are charged a few hours after purchase, up to one-day maximum. However, they then wait for confirmation of the correctness of the transaction in the store with the „pending” status.

From experience, it takes about 30-40 days for ebay and 60-80 days for Alieexpress to validate. The team gives 60-90 days.

When ends the 100% promotion running?

Increased Cashback continues until further notice.
Increased signup bonus until the end of January 2022.

How to withdraw money?

Funds are paid to the ERC-20 wallet or the specified exchange in the SG or USDT token (depending on the selected option).
Then you can exchange the token for anything you want, also into PLN, EUR, GBP, etc.
If you struggle with this just ask me 🙂


How to make you shopings correct?

Click on the appropriate store in the app and make sure you have activated your BONUS

Log in to the appropriate store via the SocialGood applications and make purchases without leaving this application.

After entering the store, check if Cashback is active at the top of the application and press ⌽ to find out in detail what the refund is for.


Download the Social Good application from the store on your phone and enter the CRWURD code during registration to receive $ 200!